What Is The Single Most Important Survival Item?

What Is The Single Most Important Survival Item?What is the most important survival item? I regularly see this question on forums and social media sites, both in text and meme form. One of the more common answers is: knowledge and/or your brain. This answer annoys me because it feels like a cop-out. Obviously, you need knowledge and skills to make it through a survival scenario. Which is why “a survival guide” is also a cop-out.

The real question is: If you could only have one survival item (other than knowledge), which one would you choose? One of the most common answers is: a good knife. I tend to agree, but there are other good answers such as: axe, gun, rope, tarp, matches, multitool, metal pot, sleeping bag, water purifier, etc. My favorite answer comes from Ray Mears, who suggested a satellite phone.

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Anyway, when I came across this video by Sensible Prepper, I was expecting him to talk about one of the items I mentioned above. Instead, he talked about something I didn’t expect. But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense!

Watch the video below to hear his opinion on the most important survival item and why.


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