Increase Wealth Security with Silver

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We are always looking to get ahead when it comes to prepping and finance. A lot of times we struggle with preps because we don’t have the money to follow through on many of them. However, the time has come to consider wealth security with silver. 

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We will never balance the budget in this nation and we will never pay off our debt. So that means we are doomed to move forward into the future with the potential for a total economic collapse looming. The only way you can truly prepare for that is to have an alternate currency that can purchase the goods and services you need. 

Find a Dealer 

One of the first steps towards investing in high quality .999 silver is to find a dealer. There are many out there and some of the best are 

  • Goldline
  • Apmex
  • JM Bullion

Purchase Usable Denominations

Be sure that you commit to usable denominations. It’s easy to get a big chunk of money and buy a big chunk of silver. Be sure that you can use the denominations you have. A 10oz bar of silver looks really sweet in the safe but it’s like walking around with a $100 bill when no one can make change. You gotta be careful about that.  1oz and even 1/2 ounce or smaller is what you want. 

Slowly Stack

You don’t have to buy all your silver at once, either. One of the best ways to get prepared is to be smart with your money. Nothing puts the breaks on prepping like debt. Rather than fight the tide on this one just buy a little silver at a time. One or two pieces a month will run you $30. That shouldn’t hurt you too badly. 

Silver has been currency in the past and people will look to that value in the future. 

We are always looking to get ahead when it comes to prepping and finance.
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