Best Survival Skills For You To Have

Playing with danger and having adventures is a cool thing but not having the techniques regarding the survival in most disastrous situations can lead to the extreme danger and can eventually cause death at end.

Planning for Hiking, climbing or any other is not a bad thing, but not having the proper skills to retain in extreme conditions, can cause trouble in future. Here we are going to describe some basic skills which you should learn in order to deal during the situations like natural disasters.

Your Reaction:

Before considering any skill, we are like to mention that your reaction matters the most in such conditions. Completely losing your confidence and feeling fearful can cause more trouble than reducing the risk. So it is important to be conscious and to also keep other companions motivated so that you can effectively handle the condition. Your behavior and attitude is responsible for your actions, so keeping yourself calm in these conditions can also let you think and plan for the next step.

Survival shelter


If you are under critical circumstances such as in a jungle or get affected by a critical weather situation, you will surely need shelter or some sort of a place where you can stay safe. Shelter can help you to prevent loss of body energy and effective against dehydration in desert or hot environment. Moreover a shelter can help:

  • Prevent against wild animals and insects
  • Make you feel a sense of safety
  • Provide shelter from hot and cold


Water – the major element necessary for life – should be at your highest priority in a critical situation. As almost 78% of our body is composed of water so a person can hardly live 3 – 5 days without water. During such disaster or natural calamity, you should focus on getting water and it is advised to drink water after regular intervals during a journey or during an adventure like hiking.
By arranging sufficient amount of water and setting up a shelter, a person can surely survive for many days.


Fire is another important element and for an unfavorable condition, a person should know to burn fire even in extreme weather condition. Fire is helpful not only in maintaining the body temperature in cold weather but also to cook food, boil water and keeping the harmful insects away from you. During a journey, you should keep a fire burning device such as a lighter or a fire igniter with you. But in sudden conditions, using friction to burn fire is an effective strategy.

In order to keep yourself prepared, it is recommended to practice fire burning in different weather conditions.


At last, you will surely need food to feed your belly. Without food a normal person can lives up to 1 week. Having fire and shelter already, it can be easy for you to search for food. Because you can put almost any eatable thing in your belly (regardless of the taste) for your survival.

Mostly natural resources like trees, plants and animals can easily be used as a food in serious conditions.

Knowledge of nature:

You will be surprised with this – but knowledge matters. If you will be familiar with the area it will be much easy for you to understand your environment and getting how you can survive in this environment. In an unknown area, you should have navigation skills. It is not necessary that you always have our smartphone in hand so try to learn the art of navigation using stars and direction of sun.
Moreover, you can also judge the conditions by various natural phenomenons like direction of moving water, natural species and their living styles etc.
With all these basic survival skills, I am sure you will not going to die at least and can help not only yourself, but also your companions in the survival mission.

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