5 Things You Should Never Waste Your Prepping Money On

5 Things You Should Never Waste Your Prepping Money On

Let’s face it – preparing to survive a major disaster or world-changing event can be a very expensive pursuit. With this being the case, it’s essential not to waste your prepping money.

In order to make your prepping budget stretch as far as possible, you’ll want to avoid purchasing prepping items that aren’t actually useful or necessary. And that’s the topic of this video by Survivalist Prepper.

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Here’s what he came up with…

1) Survivalist Subscription Boxes

Survival subscription boxes are all the rage right now. However, while subscription boxes can be fun, most of the time you end up paying for a lot of items that you don’t want or need. Purchasing items individually, therefore, is a much better bet.

2) Excess Fire-Starters

Firestarters such as lighters and flint and steel strikers tend to be an item that many preppers hoard. In reality, though, you only need one fire-starter to get a blaze going – and spending money on an entire collection of fire-starters isn’t going to help your survival odds.

The same logic applies to a wide range of other items as well; purchase what you need, but don’t go overboard.

3) Cheap Water Filters

Today, there are water filters on the market that cost less than $20. As you might imagine, these filters aren’t exactly reliable, and there are many contaminates that they cannot remove. If you are going to put your health on the line drinking suspicious water, it’s far better to use a high-quality water filter.

4) Gimmicks

There is no shortage of gimmicks that are marketed toward preppers. While these gimmicks come in every shape and form, identifying them is typically easy enough – if it looks and sounds like a cheap gimmick, it probably is.

5) Pre-Made Kits

Pre-made survival kits are no-doubt convenient – the problem is that they also tend to contain cheap, poorly-constructed products. As with subscription boxes, choosing your own products individually is a much better option.

To learn more about these five things that you shouldn’t waste your prepping money on, be sure to check out the video below.


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