10 Survival Uses for Nail Polish

10 Survival Uses for Nail PolishWhen you think of items that might be useful in an emergency situation, nail polish is probably one of the last items to come to mind. However, one important survival skill is the ability to repurpose seemingly useless products into something useful.

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With that in mind, it turns out there are a number of uses for nail polish that could be quite valuable in a survival scenario. In the video below, Sensible Prepper came up with 10 survival uses for nail polish. Here they are…

1. Waterproofing Matches

Matches are an incredibly important survival tool, but they are worthless if they get wet. A little nail polish applied to the head of a match can make the match completely waterproof.

2. Sealing Tears

If you have a small tear in your tent, tarp, or backpack that is allowing water in, nail polish can be used to make a quick and effective seal.

3. Repairing Glasses

Applying nail polish to the tiny screws in your glasses can help prevent them from coming loose over time.

4. Threading a Needle

Sealing the tag of end of your thread with nail polish can make the difficult task of threading a needle a lot less difficult.

5. Painting a Gun’s Sights

Gunsights that are painted a bright color using nail polish are much more visible than blacked-out sights.

6. Color-Coding Magazines

Gun magazines can often be difficult to tell apart at a glance, but color-coding them using a stripe of nail polish makes them much easier to quickly identify.  

7. Starting a Fire

Nail polish is quite flammable, making it ideal as an aid for starting a fire.

8. Rust-Proofing Metal Items

Applying a coat of nail polish to small metal items such as hooks, screws, and more can help protect them from rust.

9. Sealing a Box

In the absence of tape or glue, nail polish can be used to effectively seal a box.

10. Color-Coding Keys

Like gun magazines, keys can often be difficult to tell apart, and color-coding your keys with nail polish can help.

To learn more about these survival uses for nail polish, be sure to check out the video below for more info:


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